Alesis acquires a prominent position in the electronic drum set market. This is indeed achieved by delivering products of exceptional quality at an affordable price. Alesis DM10 Studio kit, the successor of the 2010 version DM10 is packed with exceptional features. On comparing the DM10 Studio Kit 2011 amongst the Yamaha and Roland electronic drum sets, this one has two distinct features. One is the price margin itself and the second is the extreme flexibility it offers to the drummer. Flexibility is rendered to an extent of loading songs and sounds from third parties such as the Toontrack and Addictive drums. In addition to this, the five piece kit has more to offer and is discussed in the review below.


The Alesis trademark Dynamic Articulation is well embedded in this 2011 version DM10 drum set which produces a very realistic effect of the sound. Moreover, the drum pads produce natural sound and the DM cymbals create realistic sound effect. Accompanied with the stable yet compact stage rack the DM10 Studio kit looks classic. The sound module includes sounds of cymbal and other samples which are produced from acoustic drum set. A wide variety of cymbal sounds collected from all over the world would be the dream for professional drummers. In addition to this, DM 10 Studio Kit is the world’s first drum set which can be connected through USB to the computer. The sequencer function allows the user to record and play simultaneously. All in all, it is projected as the best drum set for playing perfectly and practicing effortlessly.

Set up

The Alesis DM10 Studio Kit can be easily assembled if the user is having good hands-on experience in dealing with the arrangement, but if they are amateur the set-up instructions would be unclear, but the frame can be assembled even by people of minimum expertise. Despite the aluminium body, it is sturdy to support the harsh hits. Unfortunately Alesis has supplied plastic clamps that are slightly fragile in handling and could be broken during the tightening process. We would have preferred to have ball joints that aids in adjusting the tom pads as it is being used in acoustic drums. Once clamped properly, it permits the upwards and downwards movement, however it is rather tricky when playing it hard. Nevertheless, it is all marked respectively and there is less confusion. The cables provided are reported to be of short of length as it is pre-cut in the required dimension. This arrangement creates insufficient wiring to neatly arrange the frame, and therefore the user ought to make adjustment with respect to positioning of sound module or hi-hat cymbals. Albeit the set-up process is complete, the base drum module hinders the playing to certain extent. The bulkiness of the drum makes it impossible for the user to control the wobbliness while playing the instrument. The DM10 Studio kit needs to be calibrated and adjusted prior to being played.

High light features


The Alesis Dm10 Electronic Drum Kit includes the acoustic imitation of the Realhead pads available in 10” and 8” respectively. The drum set also includes the Mylar pads which enhances the realistic sound effect. The counter hoops which are flanged on the three sides produce the acoustic feel. Besides the rim shots and rim clicks, the availability of the dual zone snare pads produces wind chimes and cowbells and many other sounds. Any pedal can be used, be it single or double kick variety.


The stage rack is the best aspect of the DM10 Studio kit. It is because, the drum set is clearly designed to be used for stage purpose and hence rigidity of the frame matters the most. In this respect, the stage rack comprises of good quality 1/12” tubing. The whole set-up is completely adjustable thereby allowing the maximum freedom to the user to bang on. In addition to this, the backbone allows the user to extend the drum set by adding any other percussion instruments.


DM10 Studio kit initially requires customisation, but once it is done it is at its best in delivering exquisite sounds. The drum pad and the hi-hat pedal are basically highly responsive and as a result produce acoustic feel. As mentioned earlier, the trigger setting also requires tuning. On the downside, we felt that the bell is slightly less bouncy. The set-up as whole is sensitive. Owing to this, a click on the rack, hi-hat produces a sound. Recorded sound tracks were good and reflect versatility.


Alesis DM10 Studio kit is a good bargain considering the price it is sold and the features. Nevertheless, the tweaking demands time, however the same problem persists in any electronic drum kit. The brighter side of the drum kit is that it has a futuristic design and therefore refrain the user from upgrading to a higher model rather quickly. DM10 Studio kit possesses all the qualities to be played enormously by a trained drummer and a beginner.

Alesis DM10 Studio Kit 6-piece Electronic Drum Set – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Alesis
Model Name DM10 Studio Kit
Drum type Electronic
Dimensions (L x W x H) inches 2.4″ * 46.2*12.6
Weight 29 Kg
Polyphony 64
No of Preset sounds 1047
Audio output 2
No of sound types Bass, Hi-Hat, Pedal, kicks, percussion, beats, rides,
snare and Tom
High Speed USB socket Present
In-built memory 128 RAM
Headphone 1*1/4
Warranty One year