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Yamaha DTX500K Electronic Drum Kit Review

Yamaha, in the field of musical instruments is well renowned and most sort after manufactures worldwide. Yamaha’s DTX series has turned to be the successful series of electronic drum sets. DTX500K is fully equipped with professionally updated features and still the manufactures made it very much affordable. Yamaha DTX500K electronic drum kit with the all new DTX500 module becomes the successor to DT-XPLORER. The users can see a traditional rubber on the surface of snares and toms which is normally addressed as practice pad. The kit has two cymbals, a hi-hat pad and a pedal controller and a kick pad which includes Yamaha’s genuine bass drum pedal which of course can be used on acoustic drums. DTX500 trigger module sounds rich in quality, sounds like Yamaha, and the built-in songs for practice and includes training features. Yamaha DTX500K can be upgraded or expanded with DTX pads depends on the need arises at any point of time. The DTX500K would be absolutely perfect for an amateur who wants try his hands in drumming.


Yamaha DTX500K is a unique mixture of variety of great sounds with a sensible playing surface and lots of learning tools. The model is designed keeping in mind that everyone gets in to drumming should feel comfort in playing and not only that it is just plug in and play type that can be used anywhere we wish. Auxiliary input supports us to play our favourite tunes along with that and built-in practicing tools would improve the users’ experience in playing. The powerful rack where we mount the pads and module is foldable, so that it can be easily carried away and needs minimum space for storage. Yamaha’s genuine bass drum pedal is included.


  • Fully updated and excellent features with a decent price tag
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Great rebound
  • Auxiliary input jack for playing along with our favourite music
  • Module features metronome, auxiliary input, midi out and options for recording songs and storing them in the module
  • The play along feature and we have a choice to set mute for the drum channel


  • The hi-hat does not sound like acoustic hi-hats
  • Typical acoustic snare drum users would consider that the pads are so small
  • The drum kit is adjustable, still some features are fixed like height cannot be modified and computing module cannot be moved
  • For the perfect sound output, we have to hit the pads right in the middle and it is not the healthy-idea
  • The crash cymbal does not respond to the sudden variations played on it and sometimes it cuts the sound off


Yamaha DTX 500K electronic drum kit is very compact yet so stylish. The 427 naturally generated sample acoustic and percussion sounds that includes Yamaha’s everlasting oak, beech, maple and birch drum sounds as well. The module is such a versatile one features MIDI, a metronome, groove check and rhythm training functions and an auxiliary input to play along the favourite tunes. The in-built velocity switching samples which automatically changes the generating nature the sound while playing some harder notes and enhances the realistic output. The custom user kits can be programmed with digital reverb effects where the EQ’s presence would add some sweetness to the sound. The Yamaha DTX500K kit includes 2 cymbals, snare, 3 toms, a hi-hat pad, hi-hat pedal controller and a kick pad with pedal. The module is well-matched with the DTX pads and that eases the upgrading of the kit whenever the users wish. To have a real band rehearsal experience, all the users have to do is to try out the play along in various styles and the recorded drum track is at our convenience whether to switch it on or to mute it, and this is the same with solo bass player.

Yamaha DTX500K Electronic Drum Kit

Groove Tools:

The famous groove tools of Yamaha is completely designed to fulfill the educational aspects of drumming where the users would be benefited a lot like they have a personal trainer. A noteworthy feature is groove check; it shows the users whether they are playing bit early or bit slow and thus the users can correct themselves. The next one is rhythm gate which is a fun practicing feature; it automatically mutes the sound while playing out of track or if there is any time variation.

Pads and Cymbals:

Everyone likes to have things that convey the up-to-date trend, sleek and stylish maybe some innovative designs too. If the readers agree with the point, then the cymbals in the DTX500K are so compact and it is very much capable of delivering a comfort feel and stick rebound. This model features a highly configured hi-hat where it is supportively equipped with a remote hi-hat pedal controller which is included in the drum kit and a trigger pad makes the hi-hat sound so realistic. There are no precut cables for the pedal and the pad, so that the users can locate them anywhere around the drum kit, more of a system I the remote cable enabled hi-hat for acoustic drums. The various styles of expressions from the hi-hat depends on the position whether it is in open or closed position. Adding up a double-bass configuration or more cymbals or toms and almost all sorts of upgrades to the DTX-PAD kit is possible.

MIDI Capabilities:

The users can attach an external music player to the module that supports the users to play the favourite tracks along with it. DTX500 model is carefully equipped with a MIDI output port for enabling the kit to connect with additional devices or to a computer for application like music composing.

Stage rack:

It is a pre-assembled RS40 rack system which eases the setup and it joins the light weight category yet delivers solid performance. It is foldable by design for easy storage.

Sound Quality:

The pads are sensitive and require only a lighter hit to produce the smoother sounds and a hard hit to loudness and accents. Since, this is an electric drum set there is no need of hitting hard against the pads, probably that would damage it and as it happen in all the drum kits.


The Yamaha DTX500K Electronic drum kit is perfect for a professional drummer’s need. Drummers who travel would appreciate the foldable feature which eases the mode of transporting their own instrument to places where the concert takes place. It is so light in weight, weighs just around 900g again makes easy to carry. No matter what the style of playing the drummer is going to choose, the 50 differently programmed tracks in the kit perfectly join them on the floor. The configuration, groove tools and the things we discussed above would all prove that this sounds great in all terms.


This drum kit suits the professional needs and the beginner as well. It is thoughtfully designed and does not occupy much space how normally an acoustic drum kit does. Set-up never matters here. The Yamaha DTX500K drum kit is sturdy, light weight, sensitive pads and cymbals and an attractive trigger module, stylish hi-hat pedal and foldable makes the complete kit sounds superb.

Specification Table

Manufacturer Yamaha
Model Name Yamaha DTX500K
Drum Type Electronic Drum
Dimensions (W x H x D) 252 x 147 x 52 mm
Weight 898 g
Colour Black
Module DTX500
Snare Pads TP65
Tom TP65 x 2
Hi-Hat TP65 + HH65
Cymbal Pads PCY65 x 2
Rack RS40
Number of Sounds 427 ; 22 melodies
Effects Reverb 19; Master EQ 2 bands
Maximum Polyphony 32 notes
Note Capacity Approx 16,000
Tempo 30 to 300 BPM, Tap Tempo Supported
Training Features Measure break, groove check & rhythm gate

Roland TD-4KX2 Electronic Drum Kit

Roland group of corporation is in two major category of business and the electronic musical instruments is one of them. Roland is well known for manufacturing standard and trust-worthy products in the musical equipments industry, ranging from pianos, guitars, keyboards, digital recording units, audio processing devices and amplifiers. Roland group are engaged them constantly in the field of development and invention. The rapid development in the technology enhances the creativity and Roland becomes the world’s first place for many products. From such a leading group, we have one more latest launch to discuss with. It is Roland’s TD-4KX2 V-compact series electronic drum set.


Roland apparently promises you for a gala entry to the world of V- series drum sets which is very much affordable. Vintage instruments have gone all the way, musicians themselves have got used to play the modern world electronic instruments, which of course gives them a wide platform for adopting the advancements and inspire them to perform up to the best on the professional front. Roland’s TD-4KX2 has challenging features that easily replaces the prior model under the same banner TD-4KX in so many aspects. This V- series drum set would be a vital part of increasing the duration of practicing and the quality of playing on drums. The MIDI capabilities ease the connectivity to a computer and as everyone expect, we can record while playing.


Roland TD-4KX2 is classic and very much of a room-fit once we have arranged the drum kit. Arranging would not trouble if you had prior experience in setting a drum kit. Unfortunately if we happen to be the first time assembler, then it would take some time to get used to handling them. It is a four legs arrangement yet it is as compact as a two leg drum sets. Even though the body is made of aluminum, it is well-built and no doubt that it will definitely hold some harsh and strong hits on the playing swing. And the crash clamps are much supportive when tightening and loosening process of the arrangement. The setting instructions are clear and set the assembling process a bit easy. The manual provided is user-friendly. Still, there are chances for amateurs to search for someone to help them out. Yet it is easy if we confidently approach it. Enough cables have been provided with the drum kit; still we face some difficulties in the arrangement, because the cables are pre-cut. While arranging hi-hat cymbal, the hi-hat stand fixing takes only less time. The clutch screw is adjustable with that tightening becomes easy. There would be two cables HH trigger cable and HHC trigger cable. Connection should be made like the HH trigger cable to the trigger out jack and HHC cable to the control out jack. This model comes with the very compactly designed MDS-4 rack just to follow the standardized pattern. TD-4KX2 has been added with a new kick drum pad that of the prior model. TD-4KX2 differs in features compared with the prior model, TD-4K2. TD-4KX2 contains all mesh pads such as PDX8 for floor tom and PDX6 pads for rack toms. One more worth noticing feature is a cymbal-12C dual zone for bow and edge crash cymbal pad enabled with choke control feature. In addition to that, a cymbal-13R triple zone for bell, bow and edge ride pad is also included. However, the cymbal-5 is the selective pad served for hi-hat in this drum kit. The FD-8 remote hi-hat pedal is present here too as of in the TD-4K2. Wiring up can be done just like that; the reason behind this is obviously the coloured labels guide us throughout the wiring process.

Sound Quality:

The complete unit of this TD-4KX2 is simple yet sturdy. 125 first-rate quality sounds are included along with the traditional sounds for a drum kit such as kicks, toms, snares, cymbals and percussion. Both head and rim sounds are for snare and toms. We can turn on each sound and there is an option to dampen down and control the complete unit’s sound. Features like panning, threshold and crosstalk can be used and the volume of every single pad can also be adjusted. Multitude editing functions are available for creative purposes. There is a wide-ranging metronome and coaching module for rhythms which will provide us a great opportunity to try out bundled options just by spending some time and that would channelize and harmonize our playing. Headphone out and MIDI out and a mix input are aided to connect the entire unit to the supplementary sound unit.

User Interface:

Roland’s TD-4KX2 kit performs better than the rival products in the market wearing a huge price label on the head. It produces good sound quality in addition to brilliant response and friendly mode functional options. Both the headphone and the PA system join together in a kit seem to be a great deal. The full-mesh pad sounds so natural and lively than playing on a usual rubber padded configuration. This is surely a wild beast that we do not want to miss out and it is well worth the money we pay. The positioning of the TD4 module neither as per the instruction nor as per the usual assembling seem to be perfect. The reason behind this is the brain mounted on the front positioned bar of the MDS-4 occupies a lot of space and this makes us a bit of convenience to get to the module. This is a negligible setback where we would get used to the arrangements. Easy editing feature is one more plus, where we can edit and change the tunes just like that while playing on live.


The TD-4KX2 has a very good stick feel, we have to definitely mention the full-mesh pad. The multitude functions and brilliant sound quality are the features almost all the players look for. This kit would be the perfect choice for drummers who start from the beginning level to the top. This can be used for second level of professional purpose and perfect for a proficient practice. The overall performance promises more than what we expect.

Roland TD-4KX2 – Specification Table

Manufacturer Roland
Model Name Roland TD-4KX2
Drum type Electronic Drum Kit
Colour Black
Dimensions (W x H x D) 1200 x 1250 x 1100 mm
Display Custom LCD (Backlit)
Kick pad 1
Hi hat control pedal 1
Cymbal pads 3
Other Features
Three-way triggering Yes (For edge, bow and bell)
Rec/ Play option Yes
Drum Rack Included Yes

Alesis DM10 Studio Kit 2011 Version Review

Alesis acquires a prominent position in the electronic drum set market. This is indeed achieved by delivering products of exceptional quality at an affordable price. Alesis DM10 Studio kit, the successor of the 2010 version DM10 is packed with exceptional features. On comparing the DM10 Studio Kit 2011 amongst the Yamaha and Roland electronic drum sets, this one has two distinct features. One is the price margin itself and the second is the extreme flexibility it offers to the drummer. Flexibility is rendered to an extent of loading songs and sounds from third parties such as the Toontrack and Addictive drums. In addition to this, the five piece kit has more to offer and is discussed in the review below.


The Alesis trademark Dynamic Articulation is well embedded in this 2011 version DM10 drum set which produces a very realistic effect of the sound. Moreover, the drum pads produce natural sound and the DM cymbals create realistic sound effect. Accompanied with the stable yet compact stage rack the DM10 Studio kit looks classic. The sound module includes sounds of cymbal and other samples which are produced from acoustic drum set. A wide variety of cymbal sounds collected from all over the world would be the dream for professional drummers. In addition to this, DM 10 Studio Kit is the world’s first drum set which can be connected through USB to the computer. The sequencer function allows the user to record and play simultaneously. All in all, it is projected as the best drum set for playing perfectly and practicing effortlessly.

Set up

The Alesis DM10 Studio Kit can be easily assembled if the user is having good hands-on experience in dealing with the arrangement, but if they are amateur the set-up instructions would be unclear, but the frame can be assembled even by people of minimum expertise. Despite the aluminium body, it is sturdy to support the harsh hits. Unfortunately Alesis has supplied plastic clamps that are slightly fragile in handling and could be broken during the tightening process. We would have preferred to have ball joints that aids in adjusting the tom pads as it is being used in acoustic drums. Once clamped properly, it permits the upwards and downwards movement, however it is rather tricky when playing it hard. Nevertheless, it is all marked respectively and there is less confusion. The cables provided are reported to be of short of length as it is pre-cut in the required dimension. This arrangement creates insufficient wiring to neatly arrange the frame, and therefore the user ought to make adjustment with respect to positioning of sound module or hi-hat cymbals. Albeit the set-up process is complete, the base drum module hinders the playing to certain extent. The bulkiness of the drum makes it impossible for the user to control the wobbliness while playing the instrument. The DM10 Studio kit needs to be calibrated and adjusted prior to being played.

High light features


The Alesis Dm10 Electronic Drum Kit includes the acoustic imitation of the Realhead pads available in 10” and 8” respectively. The drum set also includes the Mylar pads which enhances the realistic sound effect. The counter hoops which are flanged on the three sides produce the acoustic feel. Besides the rim shots and rim clicks, the availability of the dual zone snare pads produces wind chimes and cowbells and many other sounds. Any pedal can be used, be it single or double kick variety.


The stage rack is the best aspect of the DM10 Studio kit. It is because, the drum set is clearly designed to be used for stage purpose and hence rigidity of the frame matters the most. In this respect, the stage rack comprises of good quality 1/12” tubing. The whole set-up is completely adjustable thereby allowing the maximum freedom to the user to bang on. In addition to this, the backbone allows the user to extend the drum set by adding any other percussion instruments.


DM10 Studio kit initially requires customisation, but once it is done it is at its best in delivering exquisite sounds. The drum pad and the hi-hat pedal are basically highly responsive and as a result produce acoustic feel. As mentioned earlier, the trigger setting also requires tuning. On the downside, we felt that the bell is slightly less bouncy. The set-up as whole is sensitive. Owing to this, a click on the rack, hi-hat produces a sound. Recorded sound tracks were good and reflect versatility.


Alesis DM10 Studio kit is a good bargain considering the price it is sold and the features. Nevertheless, the tweaking demands time, however the same problem persists in any electronic drum kit. The brighter side of the drum kit is that it has a futuristic design and therefore refrain the user from upgrading to a higher model rather quickly. DM10 Studio kit possesses all the qualities to be played enormously by a trained drummer and a beginner.

Alesis DM10 Studio Kit 6-piece Electronic Drum Set – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Alesis
Model Name DM10 Studio Kit
Drum type Electronic
Dimensions (L x W x H) inches 2.4″ * 46.2*12.6
Weight 29 Kg
Polyphony 64
No of Preset sounds 1047
Audio output 2
No of sound types Bass, Hi-Hat, Pedal, kicks, percussion, beats, rides,
snare and Tom
High Speed USB socket Present
In-built memory 128 RAM
Headphone 1*1/4
Warranty One year

Pyle-Pro PED04 Electronic Drum Set

Pyle – US based company is a leading manufacturer of high quality advanced woofers. In addition to this, they also specialize in the area of car stereo set, home needs and electrical musical instruments. Amongst the product lines, Pyle Pro’s objective is to cater the needs of professional to amateurs. Pyle-Pro PED04 is the electric drum set which falls in the affordable, compact yet usable electronic drum set.


Pyle-ProPED04 is a compact electronic drum set containing the essence of nearly acoustic drum set feel. The notable attraction is the natural force drum head. It consists of 128 velocity sensors. In addition to this, the pre-set drum has up to 11 variations. The built-in metronome and the MIDI capabilities are yet another attraction considering the price. Moreover, owing to the compact nature the drum rack is completely adjustable. It comes with five drum pads and 2 drum sticks, bass drum pedal and the Hi-hat pedal.


Rather than the semi-circular or elliptical electronic drum set structure, Pyle-ProPED04 Drum Kit resembles like a rack fitted with soft plates. The unique structure gives better edge to the user while playing on it. The unit has five parts, viz, TOM1, TOM2, Hi-hat, Snare, crash, Hi-hat pedal; kick pedal and the control box. The assembling time differs depending on the expertise level, and the user-manual briefs it anyway. The positioning of the control box receives mixed review. Usually it is placed somewhat in close proximity to the user’s eyes, whereas it is placed below the eye-level, reading the display would be an issue for some. The control box is actually clipped on the supporting bars. Though it looks feeble, it can withstand the playing effects.

Prior to assembling the electronic drum set, the bolts and the connectors must be attached precisely. Once the main connector is ready, the supporting bars to hold the components can be quickly fastened. Once the back bone is assembled, it is essential to adjust the T-shape connector in such a manner that the lower shape connector ought to match the knee length. Once it is assembled, the other components have to be attached. While attaching the pads to the connector, care has to be taken that the depressed side of the connector is attached to the protruding side of the pad. This is followed by the assembly of the snare pads, Hi-Hat and the crash.

Control Panel

The control panel is once again filled with buttons and the visibility is an issue. There are direct controls to the Hi-hat, snare, bass crash and the Tom. Besides this, it has slots that can be connected to speakers, headphones, adaptors and MIDI-In and out. The console is split as, percussion sound module and metronome and the other side as drum voice list. The percussion style module can be operated using the four-way button; consisting of the reverb, patch, style and the click.


Natural Response Drum head
The Pyle Pro-PED04 consists of drum heads with 128 level velocity sensors. This attributes to the sound quality generated when electric signal is passed to the sensor. It produces the sound nearly equivalent to that of acoustic drum head.

Built-in Metronome
The built-in metronome can be turned on and off respectively. The beat and the tempo can be changed using the console and the four-way navigational control. The tempo adjustment can improve the knowledge of playing drums.

MIDI Capabilities
The Pyle-ProPED04 contains MIDI in and out. However, in order to use the MIDI, one needs to purchase a midi interface and transfer the data from the system to the drum-set. Devoid of the Midi interface, we hear delay in the sound which is attributed to the interface and not the drum set itself.


Pyle Pro PED04 Electronic Drum Kit is responsive and the pads produce good sound. The frame structure is strong and though compact can take up strong beats. Moreover, the food pedals respond to the touch and does not require pressurized press. The integrated drum sounds are good and renders impressive effect when listened through the headphone. Depending on the headphone quality, the sound heard would vary. Once again, the PC speakers are not so good to re-produce the same sound effect. While playing the drum set it is advisable to place rubber feet underneath as they tend to slip away while playing too hard.


Pyle Pro PED04 is a compact and affordable drum set packed with essential features which can improve the learning skills of an amateur drummer. The instrument usability is further extended by adding features like MIDI capabilities, built-in metronome, and the 10 drum styles can be chosen to play with. It produces decently good sound and can be practiced without any disturbance.

Pyle-Pro PED04 Drum Kit – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Pyle
Model Name Pyle-Pro PED04
Drum type Electronic drum kit
Colour Grey
Drum Natural Response
Sensor 128
Pre-set programs 11
Number of drum pads 5
Number of drum sticks 2
Hi hat pedal 1
Bass drum pedal 1
Other Features
MIDI capabilities Available
Metronome Available
Drum Rack Available

XMT-5SR Electronic Drum Kit

XM electronic drum kit has a popular market in Asian market and now gaining good momentum in France, UK and Germany. XM is skilled drum designer and manufacturer. The specialty of XM drum set is that it offers a wide range of varieties which sounds almost similar to that of acoustic drum, but at the same time it is made affordable. The pricing makes it very attractive. Moreover, XM has considered to incorporate ideas such as placing the bass drum mounted on the rack, so it remains intact no matter how hard the hit is, thereby rendering a good playing experience.


First and foremost, the XM drum pads can be attuned with other drum modules. The XMT-5SR electronic drum Set offers good customisation. To name a few, the user can alter the tension created on the mesh head so as to suit the drummer’s style and convenience. It can afford a maximum expansion of 14 pads. Regarding the set-up it is constructed using unique wood drum shell, wherein the crash consists of both the choke and the edge function. In addition to this, it also hoists five preset drum tones and 70 voices. The display interface is made very approachable and can be used at ease. As a final note, it comprises of features worth mentioning for a low priced drum set.


The highlight portion of the XMT-5SR Electronic Drum Kit is the user friendly graphic display set-up. The set is accompanied with module box and can be connected to the module rack. The cross point screw driver can be used for this purpose. The XM 5SR electronic drumset look phenomenal. It is made by using the wooden drum shells thereby giving a classic acoustic feel to it. Furthermore, it is possible to adjust the tension of the drum head. The process involves either tightening or loosening the drum scrum which is located on the drum rim. The drum key can be used for this purpose. The trick is it has to be turned clocked wise for the tightening adjustment and the anti-clock wise for the loosening adjustment. However care must be taken in the fine tuning process. The revolution involved in each screw must not cross the half circle. In addition to this, it must be in the diagonal locking condition. It is essential to understand that the tension adjustment no way improve or depreciate the sound quality. It is done to get the user accustomed to the beat. In other words, tighter the drum head better would be the sensitivity.

The graphic display consists of all the controls to play the drum efficiently. The power switch, display screen, the volume switch, is all accommodated on the front region. The rear side hosts the connection for input and output interface for stereo. The LCD display consists of tempo, beat, volume and direct access to control each of the drum or the snare sound. This usability makes the drum set easy to operate and return for the value of money. The operating procedure is also simple. It has the areas in the display that flashes off when the drum kit itself is in the tone switch mode.


Drum and Cymbal
The most unique feature of the XMT-5SR MIDI in/out Drum Set as a whole is that the tone can be adjusted fro each and every individual drum, cymbal and the hoops likewise. The adjustment part is simple. It is all accessed using the display, amongst the various menus; one would choose the respective adjustment by pressing the mode button present adjacent to the display. The so-called function flashes to start the adjustment. Simultaneously, a beat should be created by hitting on the drum which needs to be tuned. It is done so that the module can detect the one that has to be adjusted. Likewise, the volume, sensitivity and the tone adjustment ought to be carried out by pressing the function button till the particular button flashes. Unlike certain electronic musical instruments that deletes the settings and adjustments once it is turned off, this one registers the latest value of the adjustments and will continue to maintain the same, unless if some other adjustment is made.

The XMT-5SR drum set has in-built five tones that can be selected from the display and played. The metronome adjustment can be made with the help of the mode button. The downside is that the metronome must be activated with the plus or minus button. It is because, the plus and minus button is normally used to control the volume level and when it is employed as start or stop function, it can lead to some familiarity issues in the beginning. The metronome’s speed beat and volume can be adjusted effectively in the same manner.

Expansion Slot
The drum kit expansion makes it more flexible. Within the drum set, the AUX and CHN is the expansion rail. It can be extended by pulling it from the rim up to the single drum. The same can be configured and adjusted once the set-up is complete.

MIDI In and out slots are located on the upper side of the interface. The MIDI can be activated in the same procedure that is adopted using the display screen and the mode button.


The package content is inclusive of drum module, electronic drum and bass, cymbal, hi-hat, rack stand, pedal and cable unit.


The product comes with one year warranty.


Considering the competition amongst the big giants such as the Alesis, Roland and Yamaha the XM though new to the European market has come packed with exciting features. Firstly, the extension capability offered for a drum set model at an affordable price is quite attractive. Secondly, the product quality is also not compromised which is very important overall. Moreover the customisation can attract the crowd. The tension of the mesh head can be altered and the drum set can be expanded depending on the player’s expertise. Hence, we could say that XM-5SR pose a better potential in the UK market for its simplicity and quality.

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XMT-5SR Electronic Drum Kit – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer/Brand XM
Model Name XMT-5SR
Drum type Electronic
Dimensions 103x85x50
Weight 26 Kg
Colour Black
Drum module 1
Electronic Drum 10-inch 4
Electronic Bass Drum 1
Rack Stand 1
Cymbal 2
Pedal 1
Number of Tones 5
Expansion Slot 14
Warranty One year